Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

If you’ve been in a car accident, no matter how small, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a car accident chiropractor right away. Some symptoms may appear immediately after the accident while others might take several days to manifest. A chiropractor has the knowledge to diagnose each injury and offer the right treatment.

The Reality of Automobile Accidents

A variety of different injuries can be incurred during a car accident. These include whiplash, various neck injuries, different back maladies, and soft tissue damage. And while most people relate these types of injuries to “major” car accidents, i.e. those occurring at high speeds, studies show that these injuries can also happen in low-speed, low-impact situations. Whiplash, the most common injury sustained in a car accident, is proven to be possible at speeds as low as three miles an hour. And at this same speed, minor back injuries can also be incurred.

What it really comes down to is that although the average vehicle’s bumpers and fenders are built to withstand structural damage within a range of speeds, the human body isn’t designed to do the same, no matter what speed the automobile is moving at. Also, the higher the impact speed in a car accident, the less energy the vehicle is able to absorb, which results in more of the accident’s energy being transferred into the bodies of the vehicle’s occupants.

How a Chiropractor Can Help You Recover

In most cases, car accident-related injuries don’t manifest themselves externally. Instead, these injuries are of the internal variety: soft tissue injuries like muscle damage and ligament strains, along with back problems related to injured/displaced spinal discs. Spinal damage incurred during a car accident is particularly problematic, and if left untreated it can result in chronic lower back pain, inflamed arthritis, spinal disc degeneration, sore/tight/inflexible muscles, back spasms, neck pain, headaches, and poor posture. Meanwhile, joint injuries can speed up the arthritic process (a condition called post-traumatic osteoarthritis), meaning that car accident victims are more liable to develop arthritis at an early age than someone who’s never been in an automobile accident.

All of these symptoms are treatable by an auto accident chiropractor. When you visit a chiropractor in Charlotte, NC soon after your car accident, the chiropractor can accurately assess what parts of your body have been damaged and where your pain points are, and determine whether you’ve incurred any latent injuries that may not be bothering you immediately, but could reveal themselves down the road. Once the chiropractor has a complete understanding of your symptoms, a treatment plan can be developed that will start you on the road to full recovery. From the start, a chiropractor can help ease any lingering pain, loosen any stiff muscles, and apply the right corrective measures to your spine and neck, thus eliminating the possibility of bigger problems later in life.

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