Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder and arm pain is one of the most common areas that Active Life Chiropractic in Charlotte, NC treats.  Unlike other areas of the body, the shoulder isn’t one joint – it’s several, all of which are combined with an amalgamation of muscles and tendons. Put them all together and you have the most mobile joint in the body, responsible for a wide range of motions including throwing a ball, scratching your back, pushing a cart and pulling a wagon. Whether through injury, infection, or natural wear and tear, the shoulder is highly susceptible to irritations in the joint and/or the surrounding tissue.

Shoulder Pain Causes

Overexertion (weightlifting, exercising)

Poor posture

Lack of stretching

General use: on the job, playing a sport

An existing back or neck problem

If you’re seeking shoulder pain relief near Charlotte, NC, our experienced specialist will create a treatment plan that delivers fast, marked improvement in terms of range of motion and pain minimization.

Our Treatment Approach

Dr. Bob Mason will conduct preliminary exams to locate the source of your shoulder pain, concurrent with questions concerning your symptoms and injury history.  He will also perform orthopedic and neurologic tests to diagnose the problem. Depending on the nature and severity of your symptoms, Dr. Bob will provide recommendations including estimated outcomes such as pain relief, timeframe and at home instructions.  If it is discovered that your problem is outside the scope of chiropractic care, he will refer you to the appropriate specialist in Charlotte.

Because the shoulder has a direct connection to the arm, neck and mid back these areas are often assessed too.  If we can help, treatments often include shoulder stretching/strengthening and mobilization.

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