$20 Wellness Adjustments for Family Members of Current Patients

Posted on December 14, 2018

Did You Know…

A current patient under active care (a treatment plan) at Active Life Chiropractic can refer immediate family members to receive a Wellness Chiropractic Adjustment in Charlotte for only $20.  (Normally $40) 

Chiropractic Care is Preventative

Recent polls have shown that adults are taking a proactive approach to their health more than ever before.  The spine surrounds and protects the spinal cord and nerves that connect to and control every system in the human body. 

Even the slightest misalignment of the spine irritates the surrounding nerves and interferes with their ability to accurately regulate each body function. 

This process leads to dysfunction and disease of that body system as time passes.  

For example, a spinal misalignment may distort the nerves that control the upper digestive tract and cause constipation, acid reflux or indigestion.  

By reducing nerve pressure, chiropractic care maximizes the human body’s god given potential to function optimally. A proactive approach is based on better function rather than reducing symptoms as the goal is to get ahead of symptoms before they occur.  

Here Are the Top 7 Researched Benefits for Wellness Chiropractic Care

  1. A boosted immune system (Especially beneficial in children suffering from recurring colds, ear infections and chronic coughs.)
  2. Improved Breathing (Decreasing Asthma Symptoms)
  3. Improved Flexibility
  4. Decreased Brain Fog, Better Mental Clarity
  5. Improved Sleep—More Energy
  6. Bowel Regularity
  7. Decreased Pain (Headache, Neck Pain and Back Pain)

For a complete list of rates and availability, check out https://www.activelifenc.com/schedule-an-appointment-with-active-life-chiropractic-in-charlotte-nc/ to book online or call 980.406.3862.

Fine Print

  • $20 wellness adjustments are only applicable while a current family member is under active care and is for wellness care only. 

Requirements for wellness family memberships:

  • The patient must have a $0.00 balance 
  • Monthly Draft required on the 1st or 15th of the month
  • The membership is 1 adjustment a week/per person. Visits do not accumulate or roll over to the next month and cannot be passed along to family or friends. 
  • A 6 month minimum is required. If the patient is unable to commit to the six months the discounted rate no longer applies and the fee will then be $40.00 per adjustment for all adjustments used up until that point.
  • After 6 months the wellness membership is on a month to month basis and is drafted until the patient notifies the Active Life staff that they are discontinuing care. 

If multiple treatments are purchased, the consumer has 3 days to change his or her mind and receive a full refund. 

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