Auto Accident Chiropractic Care

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a auto accident chiropractor right away. Some symptoms may appear immediately after the accident while others might take several days to manifest. A chiropractor has the knowledge to diagnose each injury and offer the appropriate treatment.

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Dr. Bob’s Approach with Auto Accident Injuries

If you are looking for an auto accident chiropractor near Charlotte, NC, Active Life Chiropractic conveniently serves all South Charlotte residents. 

Our approach consists of first determining what injuries were sustained from the car accident including sprains, strains, misalignments and muscle imbalances.  From there, we correlate these injuries with symptoms that a patient is experiencing and regain the same level of health that they had prior to the accident.  It is common for auto accident patients to need an exam and diagnostic tests, such as spinal x-rays, to diagnose the injury.

Before beginning care, Dr. Bob shares his recommendations including how much he can help, timeframe for relief and at-home instructions.   Depending on the nature of the car accident, most auto insurances provide coverage for injuries sustained and we provide a summary of benefits prior to care.  

Unlike medications, therapies and surgeries that often provide temporary relief, many of our patients see long lasting results by eliminating the pain’s source! The most common treatments include balancing the spine, nervous system and surrounding musculature.

Check out some of our reviews here!

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