Piriformis Syndrome

An imbalanced piriformis muscle will normally be tender to the touch, hurt going up and down stairs or sitting/standing for a long period of time.

Whether your piriformis muscle is a new problem or is chronic, at Active Life Chiropractic, our goal is to release the muscle and help you return to a pain free life.

Our approach for a tight piriformis muscle focuses on treating both the muscle and pelvic balance.  While  medications, injections, therapies often provide relief, many patients only experience temporary relief. The most common source of piriformis syndrome is a misalignment of the pelvis. We find that by simultaneously realigning the pelvic bones while releasing the piriformis muscles many patients experience long lasting relief.


Dr. Bob’s Approach

Dr. Bob Mason, a sciatica expert serving Charlotte, NC., has been featured on CBS NEWS, FOX NEWS, Abc News and NBC and is a corrective care chiropractor.  His speciality focuses on changing both the structural and muscle imbalances as well as identifying and eliminating lifestyle triggers that cause pain. Because he specializes in 5 chiropractic techniques, treatments are customized for each patient.


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    • Dr. Bob specializes in several “styles” of chiropractic care. This allows him to customize treatments and provide the fastest relief possible.
    • 16 Years of experience and over 100,000 chiropractic adjustments performed! Over 30,000 sciatica pain treatments performed!


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