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Kristy StarKristy Star
10:53 03 Mar 23
I came to this chiropractor office after experiencing pretty bad neck and back pain that went on for a month and a half. It was affecting my sleep and I realized I needed to do something about it. I was hoping for an option to relieve my pain that didn’t involve pain meds. I didn’t find the last chiropractor office I tried too helpful so I was still skeptical this chiropractor office could help but decided after reading all the great reviews I would give it a try. When I walked in everyone was so kind in the office and treat you like your family walking in. Aria and McKenzie at the front desk and the office manager, Catherine, are all super friendly. Dr. Bob Mason is also very friendly, personable and knowledgeable. It was a night and day experience between him and the last chiropractor I saw. He completed an X-ray and scan and went over a treatment plan with me and now that I completed the sessions for the treatment plan I can say thankfully I am currently pain free. I am still going for some maintenance appointments but I feel great and I am very thankful I decided to give this place a shot.
Maritza UlrichMaritza Ulrich
02:53 28 Jan 23
2 years ago I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I was having a lot of lower back and hip pain. Dr. Bob created a treatment plan for me and to see the before and after results was just amazing; plus I had an easy labor!After my pregnancy I would still come in periodically for alignments. I always felt like a new woman every time.Last week I went to the ER for what I thought was a dislocated shoulder but turned out to be severe back spasms. The medication was giving me some relief but I still was in pain. I decided I needed to go see Dr. Bob today to get some relief and thank God I did! He listened to my concerns and after accessing me he discovered I had dislocated a rib! Like how could the hospital miss this! After the alignment I could breathe deeply again and was no longer in pain! I am so thankful for Dr. Bob and his attentiveness! His staff is amazing- Aria the Office Manger always remembers me and my family; everyone else who has worked there is always so friendly. Highly Recommend Active Life Chiropractic!!
Chynara IunusovaChynara Iunusova
18:48 10 Nov 22
Dr. Bob and his entire staff is very professional and accommodating. I have been having bad migraines and sciatic nerve pains and finally decided to visit chiropractor. It was a best decision and my husband and myself are very pleased with the service we get. My sciatica is completely gone, my migraine significantly decreased and I believe it was due to the back/hip and neck adjustments that Dr. Bob performs. The office is always clean and everyone is friendly.
Joe PopeJoe Pope
14:09 21 Oct 22
When I first started going to Active Life Chiropractic, I was having cluster headaches 3 to 4 times per week. After only a few weeks of treatment, the headache frequency reduced significantly. Dr. Bob and the staff are really nice to work with. I highly recommend this practice if you are looking for chiropractic care.
Kathryn CraigKathryn Craig
01:45 04 Oct 22
Dr Bob and his staff are absolutely great. They saw the pain I was in and worked to give me the best options for me. I am no longer in pain. Dr Bob got my back and hips back into alignment. He and his staff made sure I understood what was needed to get me back into alignment. They helped me understand what to expect from each session and how to move forward. They are very kind and helpful in all aspects.

Conditions We Treat

Active Life Chiropractic relieves symptoms by correcting abnormal musculoskeletal misalignments (subluxations) within the spine. The following list includes symptoms associated with subluxations that we have great success with:

Why Choose Active Life Chiropractic?

—We provide care for both symptom based patients and wellness patients.
—Same Day Appointments Available – Call or Book Online
—See the same doctor each time. (About Dr. Bob)

—Both manual (hands on) and instrument (Activator) adjustments available.
—Most Major Medical Insurances Accepted and affordable prices for self-pay and wellness care.
—Convenient location with plenty of parking

What to Expect

Chiropractic for Children

Pediatric chiropractic careA growing number of parents are adding pediatric chiropractic care as an integrative component of their children’s health care regimen. Oftentimes, the first stress placed on a child’s spinal column is during the birthing process.

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 Chiropractic for Adults

Chiropractic care for adultsAt Active Life Chiropractic we strive to provide care for 2 types of patients. Symptom based care is for someone who requires a more in depth evaluation before beginning treatments while wellness care seeks to prevent symptoms.

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