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Imagine being able to sleep, walk for long distances, exercise, sit for long periods, travel, work, play with your children and socialize without Sciatic Nerve Pain!
Our approach for sciatica relief focuses on treating the source of the pain.  Unlike medications, injections, therapies and surgeries that often provide temporary relief, many of our patients see life lasting results by eliminating the pain’s source. The most common sources of sciatica include pinching pressure from your hip, lumbar spine or surrounding muscles. (trapped nerve) Sciatic nerve pain is normally felt in the hip/buttock area, leg, calf or foot. Creating balance within the pelvis and muscles through chiropractic care helps ease irritation of the sciatic nerve.
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Sciatica Expert Serving Charlotte, NC

Dr. Bob Mason, a sciatica expert serving Charlotte, NC., has been featured on CBS NEWS, FOX NEWS, Abc News and NBC and is a corrective care chiropractor. His speciality focuses on changing both the structural and muscle imbalances as well as identifying and eliminating lifestyle triggers that cause pain. Because he specializes in 5 chiropractic techniques, treatments are customized for each patient.

Whether your sciatica is a new symptom, or if it has bothered you for years, at Active Life Chiropractic, our goal is to eliminate your sciatic nerve pain quickly and help you return to a pain free life.

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