Conditions Active Life Chiropractic Treats

Active Life Chiropractic relieves symptoms by correcting abnormal musculoskeletal misalignments (subluxations) within the spine. The following list includes symptoms associated with subluxations that we have great success with:

When your spinal vertebrae are out of alignment there is a pinching effect on the nerves. The nerves exiting from the spinal vertebrae not only effect your back and neck but they are connected inversely to the health and effectiveness of the rest of your tissues and organs. Chiropractic Adjustments correct the nerve flow directly related to the following conditions:

    • * Ear Infections


    • * Chronic Sinus Infections


    • * Suppressed Immune System


    • * Thyroid (Hypo and Hyper-thyroidism)


    • * Asthma


    • * Allergies


    • * Indigestion (Acid Reflux)


    • * Fatigue


    • * IBS


    • * Autoimmune Disease


    • * ADHD