Headache Relief

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Active Life Chiropractic’s Approach to Headache Relief

Research shows that only 5% of headaches are caused by disease or are a “warning sign” of a deeper physical issue. The other 95% are “common” headaches: cluster, tension and migraines. Research also shows that most headaches are intertwined with muscle tension in the neck.

While we encounter many patients who are either living with headaches, taking medicine or trying treatments that provide temporary relief, there is a better option for headache relief near Charlotte, NC.

At Active Life Chiropractic we provide a unique approach to headache relief. Initially all of our efforts are focused on providing pain relief. As symptoms improve, we also begin working on eliminating the source of the headaches (as much as possible). This two step process has allowed thousands of patients to eliminate headaches completely!

Dr. Bob’s Process for Headache Relief

We’ll conduct preliminary exams to locate the source of your headaches, and ask questions concerning your symptoms and headache history: how long have they occurred, does anything make them better/worse, family history, etc. The preliminary exams typically include tests for range of motion, posture, muscle spasms, reflexes, and pain spread.

As “ a conservative care” doctor, surgery and drug prescription are beyond Dr. Bob’s scope. However, he does often utilize nervous system scans and x-rays (if necessary) to facilitate your diagnosis and support his treatment recommendations. If he discovers something that’s outside of his expertise, he will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Prior to commencing treatment, Dr. Bob will share his diagnosis with you, discuss treatment options and talk candidly about time-frame and expectations. Our office manager will also verify your insurance coverage and payment options based on your specific problem.

Typical treatments for headache relief center around balancing the spine, nervous system and muscles of the neck/shoulder area.  As a certified corrective care chiropractor, Dr. Bob’s treatments go far beyond spinal treatments alone and typically include muscle balancing through customized stretches and exercises.

Because his treatments are unique for each patient, Dr. Bob can often identify contributing factors that come from a person’s lifestyle.  Many of his patients see differences by changing the setup of their desk at work, stopping/adding certain exercises during workouts or identifying nutritional sources of their headaches.

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