Chiropractic Adjustment for Adults

At Active Life Chiropractic we strive to provide care for 2 types of patients. Symptom based care is for someone who requires a more in depth evaluation before beginning treatments. Wellness care is for someone who proactively prevents symptoms before they occur or those who are seeking to eliminate progressing symptoms.

Symptom Based Care

Symptom based care is ideal for someone looking to improve or eliminate their ailment. This process consists of a consultation, examination, diagnostic tests (such as computerized nervous system scans or spinal x-rays) and recommendations including timeframe for relief, in office treatments, at home exercises and cost.

Examples of Symptom Based Patients
* Existing patients with new injures/symptoms
* Recurring symptoms
* Pain that comes and goes
* Pregnancy related pain
* Radiating pain
* Pain lasting longer than 1 week and is generally rated a 3 or worse out of 10 on the visual analog scale. (10 being the most severe pain)
* Children that are currently being treated with medications or other medically based treatments.
Health Insurance can be utilized for symptom based care.

Wellness Care

Wellness care is considered proactive and utilized by those looking to get in front of symptoms before they begin or someone who is trying to prevent symptoms from worsening.  This process includes a discussion of your health history with Dr. Bob followed by a spinal exam and a spinal adjustment. 

Examples of Wellness Patients include:
* Getting adjusted during a physically or mentally stressful period.
* Minor headaches
* Neck or back pain that has not been present longer than 1 week
* Pain that seems like it might worsen if left untreated.
* Wellness for an overall healthy pregnancy.
* Pain that is generally ranked as a 2 or less out of 10 on the visual analog scale. (10 being the most severe pain)
* Any patient that wants to continue utilizing chiropractic care for wellness that initially began at a different chiropractic office.
*  Parents that utilize pediatric chiropractic care to aid in their child’s development.
Most Health Insurances do not cover wellness care, but we offer affordable self-pay options. Click here to book online/services/fees

Whether you are being seen for symptom based care or wellness care, Dr. Mason discusses the findings (diagnosis), recommendations (what style of chiropractic adjustments) and outcomes (time-frame for relief and goals) for each patient. Insurance and payment options are verified before treatment begins.

Chiropractic Adjustments (manipulations) are designed to restore function to the spine, alleviate pain and support the body’s ability to heal itself. You may be asked to lie on a special table, where Dr. Mason does the spinal adjustments. (similar to a massage table) Adjustments are customized for each patient depending on age and exam findings. Some adjustments require an instrument while others are performed by hand (manual adjustments).