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Disc Pain Relief Without Surgery in Ballantyne

Pain that radiates into your hip, leg, foot, shoulder, arm or hand is common with a slipped disc in your spine. Because it is a progressive problem, the pain will eventually affect your social life, work productivity or quality time with family and friends. If you’re seeking bulging disc relief near Charlotte let us help!

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Dr. Bob Mason will conduct preliminary exams to determine if your problem can be helped. If he can help, Dr. Bob will design a customized plan that commonly consists of manual therapy to ease pain, followed by chiropractic adjustments and at home exercises that create long lasting changes. His award winning approach has helped thousands avoid spinal surgery over the last 16 years!

At Active Life Chiropractic in Charlotte, NC, we use a nonsurgical approach to eliminate disc pain.

Because we rehab the disc itself, our focus does not rely on medications or supplements for pain relief. Our goal is to rehab your disc herniation and prevent both surgery and ongoing medication use.

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