3 Back Exercises Everyone Should Do Daily

Posted on December 20, 2018

Assuming your body does not have any pre-existing structural problems or diseases, (intervertebral disc herniations, cancer, soft tissue sprains/strains/tears, etc.) the following guide represents the 3 best spinal exercises.

These 3 exercises are great when performed daily for overall wellness and back longevity and to reduce chronic back stiffness, unresolved radiating pain and recurring back pain flare ups.

3 Back Exercises Everyone Should Do Daily


Cat-Cow–Perform slowly and hold each position for 3 seconds. 


Supermans–Perform 10 reps alternating between your left and right arm/leg.



Plank-Hold this position for as long as you can even if you can only hold it for a few seconds at first. Slowly add seconds onto your previous time each day and strive to work up to 2 minutes.


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