Condition of the Week-Disc Herniations

Posted on January 17, 2019

By Aria Norton

This article is all about disc herniations–What are they?… How do you get them?… How is sciatica relief with chiropractic helped? Before I show all of this, let me explain what an intervertebral disc is.

An intervertebral disk is almost like a small frisbee in between each of the vertebrae in your spinal column. The purpose of the disc is to help aid your spinal movements while acting as a shock absorber. Overall, each disc will keep the vertebrae separated during physical activity and keep them from crashing into one another one.

A herniated disc is when the outer layer of the intervertebral disc is damaged and the jelly-like fluid that’s inside, that keeps it flexible and spongy, spills out and leaks onto your nerve roots. (pinched nerve)

Some of the most common symptoms of herniated disks include numbness and tingling into the arms or legs.  Sciatica and pain radiating into the shoulder and arm is a common symptom that brings patients into our office.

There are 4 Approaches for Disc Herniations.

  1.  First and foremost, chiropractic care helps by aligning your spinal column, including the discs, to keep them healthy and full of fluid. Drinking plenty of water and exercise also help keep the discs hydrated and full of fluid. If chiropractic care can help, we consider this method to be correcting the root cause of the disc problem. A patients may experience pain radiating into their leg and find sciatic relief from chiropractic care this way.  While this method may provide a longer solution than surgery, it may take longer to correct.
  2. The second approach includes living with it, and adapting your lifestyle by avoiding activities that cause a disc flare up.  Many times, we find that patients are unaware that many slipped discs can be helped.
  3. The third approach is to treat the immediate symptoms with medication, joint injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy or surgery. Many times, we find that these treatments provide temporary relief.  In severe cases, back surgery is performed to immediately remove the disc from the nerve. While more invasive than most treatments, surgery can typically provide instant relief. The problem many be ongoing and many people require a second or third surgery if the disc is still damaged.

At Active Life Chiropractic, Dr. Bob helps patients with disc herniations every week!  The initial consultation and exam lets him know if he can help, how much relief you can expect and how long it will take.  Click this link to see our rates, services and to book online.

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