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Active Life Chiropractic’s Approach to Back Pain Relief

Back pain is the second most common reason that adults see their doctor, just behind respiratory infections like the flu and the common cold. It’s believed that around 80 percent of Americans will have a back problem at some point in their life. The influx of desk/computer jobs has increased the amount of chronic back pain cases that doctors see in recent years.

If you are looking for back pain relief near Charlotte, NCActive Life Chiropractic commonly serves Ballantyne, Pineville, Waxhaw, Weddington, Wesley Chapel and Matthews residents.

Our approach consists of alleviating back pain by focusing on treating the source of the pain.  Unlike medications, therapies and surgeries that often provide temporary relief, many of our patients see long lasting results by eliminating the pain’s source. The most common treatments include balancing the spine, nervous system and surrounding musculature.

Here’s a Snapshot of Dr. Bob’s Approach to Back Pain

Dr. Bob will conduct preliminary exams to locate the source of your back pain, concurrent with questions concerning your symptoms and injury history: how long have you experienced pain, does anything make the pain better/worse, family history, etc. The preliminary exams include tests for range of motion, posture, muscle spasms, reflexes and pain spread.

As “a conservative care doctor”, surgery and drug prescription are beyond Dr. Bob’s scope. He does often utilize nerve scans or x-rays (if necessary) to facilitate his diagnosis and support his treatment recommendation. If he discovers that your problem is beyond his scope, Dr. Bob will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Prior to commencing treatment, Dr. Bob will share his diagnosis with you, discuss treatment options, and talk candidly about time-frame and expectations. We’ll also verify your insurance coverage and/or payment options.

Treatments vary, but it is common for a patient to balance their spinal alignment with spinal adjustments and and unwind muscle imbalances with customized “myofascial” exercises and stretches.

If treatment consists primarily of spinal manipulations, Dr. Bob will discuss this in detail first. Spinal adjustments consist of a safe, targeted approach proven to reduce pain and accelerate recovery.  Furthermore, clinical evidence suggests that spinal manipulations for back pain are more effective as traditional medical care, i.e. prescription medication + an exercise regimen. A recent study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) cites chiropractic care as a strong option for back pain and considered to be the best first approach before surgery.

Because his treatments are unique for each patient, Dr. Bob can often identify contributing factors that come from a person’s lifestyle.  For example, many of his patients see a huge difference by changing the setup of their desk at work, stopping or adding certain exercises during workouts or finding their proper sleeping position.

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