What Does a Corrective Care Chiro Do Differently than Other Charlotte Chiropractors?

Posted on March 4, 2019

How is a corrective care chiropractor different than a traditional pain relief chiropractor?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Do I have to visit a chiropractor forever once I start?”  Our answer is always “no” but it is common for someone to need a series and sequence of visits to strengthen muscles and create balance.  In our office it is also common for someone to have their spine checked for preventative reasons, even if they don’t have symptoms.  We referred to these two different types of care as correct of care and wellness care.

Corrective care is centered around symptoms such as low back pain, headaches or sciatica. With corrective care, Dr. Bob assesses the problem, and begins working on creating balance within the spine and nervous system to both alleviate the symptom and keep it from returning.  The frequency of visits correlates to the severity of symptoms.  In our office we give a timeframe as far as when someone will begin to see results and how often they need to see us.

Our technique is what separates us from many other Charlotte Chiropractors that only provide pain based relief. Because corrective care seeks to eliminate the source of the problem, we typically see less flareups and rarely see chronic symptoms. Pain relief chiropractors usually use multiple therapies and modalities to mask the symptoms while we use a combination of chiropractic adjustments and muscle balancing. The therapies that pain based Charlotte chiropractors provide may reduce symptoms quickly, but because they do not address the underlying cause, it is common for the pain to return.

The other type of care that we provide– wellness care, provides a preventative measure for people in the Ballantyne community that take a proactive approach to their health. Many people use wellness care as a part of their health regimen, and include it with regular exercise and quality nutrition.

We also have patients who finish the corrective care phase and maintain their spine and nervous system through wellness care.   There are numerous studies that show the amazing impact that preventative chiropractic care has on a persons overall health.  One study showed that a single chiropractic adjustment can boost the immune system up to 200%.  Another study showed a decrease in environmental allergies and a third study showed a decrease in constipation in toddlers and blood pressure in adults.