How Chiropractic Adjustments Help Ease Headaches

Posted on January 26, 2019

by Aria Norton

Statistics show 38 to 39 million people in the US, deal with chronic migraines. “Chronic” means that the issue is recurring and that it happens roughly 50% of the time, or 15/30 days a month.  I agree with this stat since headaches are one of the main symptoms that bring patients into our office. Most people that we meet have tried lot of different things and essentially end up living with pain and hoping that one day it will go away. If you are searching for Chiropractors in Charlotte for headache relief, in this article I will explain how we determine if we can help ease or eliminate headaches.

Traditional Approach for Headache Relief

Many people that we encounter have had CT scans and MRI’s to eliminate life threatening illnesses. After their scans are clear, they begin a regiment of medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen and even opioids.  Some try to reduce stress, change their diet and drink more water.  It is common to see relief immediately, but it is also common for the headaches to return days or weeks later.  Some Chiropractors in Charlotte even provide therapy that provides temporary results similar to the allopathic model. (E-stim, Decompression Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy)

Chiropractic Adjustments Alleviate Headaches

Most of the headache cases that Dr. Bob sees share one thing in common… many of them have a misalignment in their upper cervical vertebra which disrupts blood flow to the brain and places pressure on the spinal cord. (See Diagram)

I know that when I started coming here, I had headaches multiple times per week and my X-Rays showed that my neck was straight.  A normal cervical spine should have a natural “C-Shaped Curve” that develops within the first year of life.  As the chiropractic adjustments began to restore the curvature, my headaches began to go away.

I also began laying on foam rollers at night when I slept to help hold my alignment.  Within 1 week I could begin seeing a difference and four weeks after seeing Dr. Bob, my headaches were eliminated completely!

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