How to Sleep/Sit During Pregnancy

Posted on January 24, 2019

Written by Dr. Bob Mason

As a prenatal chiropractor in Charlotte, N.C., I am often asked for advice on how to sit and sleep comfortably during the 3rd trimester.  Stationary positions such as sitting and laying for extended periods have a direct impact on pain and the baby’s position. This article lists the best position for sleep and sitting during pregnancy.  

What is Fetal Positioning?

The fetal position refers to the baby’s place within the womb.  After the baby turns head down, there are multiple ways that a baby rotate. They can be facing forward, backward, on the left side or the right side. The following 2 positions use gravity and provide the best opportunity to allow your baby to rotate into the best position possible.  Note: These positions will not work for everyone and some variants can deter the baby from rotating. The shape of your uterus, the placenta’s position and the shape of your pelvic cavity all impact your baby’s position.  Consult with your birth provider before trying these positions.

Sleeping Position During the 2nd/3rd Trimester

Sleeping on your left side allows the baby to rotate into the anterior position (facing mom’s spine) and to rotate to the left side of mom’s body which is considered the ideal position for labor.

Sitting At a Desk

Sit with your hips higher than your knees. This will allow the baby to rotate into the anterior position which is the ideal position. If you are able to sit on an exercise ball, you will promote better posture and muscle strengthening.

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