Learn How Prevent Long Term Pain From Auto Accident Injuries

Posted on December 11, 2018

Last week, there were over 100 auto accidents around the Charlotte Metro Area following Winter Storm Diego.  A person can experience pain, become disoriented, or feel vertigo days after an accident.  A person may have many questions following an accident and the most common google searches include: “Car Accident Chiropractor in Charlotte,” “Whiplash Symptoms,” “What Doctor Treats Auto Accident Injuries,” and  “How do I know if I will have residual pain months or years from now?”  This article answers the last question and explains how to effectively heal an auto injury. 

The 3 Stages Your Body Goes Through Following an Auto Accident

  1. The Acute Inflammatory Stage lasts up to 72 hours and is the initial swelling stage. The goal is to reduce inflammation with rest, ice, compression and elevation.

2.  The Repair Stage lasts from 72 hours-6weeks following the car wreck. During this stage, the protein collagen helps regenerate damaged tissue. 

Granulocytes remove the cellular debris to bring oxygenated nutrients to the involved area.

During this stage active strengthening and movement are crucial to speed up the healing process. Treatments from a car accident chiropractor   include manipulation and engaging soft tissue through stretching and strengthening.

3.  The third stage is called The Remodeling Stage and lasts 3 weeks-12 months following the accident.  The scar tissue is remodeled to increase the functional capabilities of the tissue.  This stage includes functional exercises to develop the specific muscles fibers that will be used for years to come.  The most important aspect of this stage is to strengthen the soft tissue fibers to prevent injuries.

Treatments include mobilization and proprioception exercises that mimic everyday movements.

It is important to be patient and treat each stage fully to prevent ongoing and sometimes chronic pain. Upon the initial exam, Dr. Bob, an auto accident chiropractor in Charlotte estimates the time needed for complete recovery.

One final note– Many times an auto accident does not produce symptoms for weeks, so it is important to be evaluated as soon as possible and get a head start on the healing process.

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