Looking for a Chiropractor in Ballantyne? Active Life Chiropractic Discusses the Most Commonly Asked Questions From Their Patients

Posted on July 31, 2018

If you’ve ever thought about going to a chiropractor, this article will discuss the the most common questions and answers associated with Active Life Chiropractic in Ballantyne.

Question#1 -Do you accept insurance?  At Active Life Chiropractic we accept and are in network with all major insurance companies.  If your problem is one that we can help with, we will let you know what type of chiropractic treatments are recommended and the cost of care (including insurance coverage) before moving forward. 

If you do not have health insurance that covers a chiropractor, it is not a problem because we let our patients know the cost up front and offer different options for payments rather than sending a bill weeks later.  We offer certain discounts for families, military, and prepayments for care.  Our typical office visit averages between $40-$55 but varies from patient to patient.  

Question #2 Will I get adjusted on the initial visit?  One of the reasons that our patients see great results is that we always do an exam before beginning any treatments.  The exam lets Dr. Bob know how effective his treatments will be, (how much he can help you) as well as how long it will take to see results including at home recommendations.  The exam also verifies that your spine is safe to work on along with which chiropractic technique will achieve the best results. 

Above all, our main goal is to provide relief quickly, so chiropractic treatments are performed as soon as possible. Most of our new patients have some sort of treatment within 24 hours from the time they call to schedule an appointment.  

Question #3  Do I have to keep coming back?  No, although there are some patients that require more than 1 chiropractic adjustment. This normally correlates with the amount of time that the problem has been present.   The reason for the series of adjustments is that each visit builds upon the previous one and it’s the accumulation of adjustments that corrects the problem. Similar to tapping a nail with a hammer, it is the repetition of taps that pushes the nail in. (unless you are Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid part 2 who did it in one try)  These types of cases are usually recognized by Dr. Bob during a consultation and he relays the info to his patients.  Of course it is always our patient’s decision of how often they want to be adjusted.

Most patients that we see add chiropractic care as another aspect of their wellness life-style. Similar to clean nutrition, regular exercise and a positive mindset, chiropractic care helps the body function properly.

Question #4  Is my problem a muscle, disc, pinched nerve or something else? Who should I see?   The exam that Dr. Bob performs will diagnose your problem.  Following the diagnosis, he can let you know what percentage of cases similar to yours he has had success with.  Dr. Bob has seen over 90,000 patients over the last 12 years, so if your problem cannot be helped with chiropractic care, he will let you know before starting any treatments.  

Question #5 Is chiropractic care safe?  A recent article published by the Mayo Clinic suggests that chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of healthcare.  Chiropractors are usually on the lower scale for malpractice insurance costs for doctors.  The initial exam performed by Dr. Bob lets him know if you have any contraindications for chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is safe for babies too.  At Active Life Chiropractic in Charlotte, we consistently see babies get adjusted for colic, reflux, chronic ear infections, problems with  breastfeeding, torticollis and wellness care.  Check out Active Life Chiropractic reviews here!  Many parents are using chiropractic care as an alternative to prescription medications due an influx in medication use in children over the past 20 years. 

Question #6  Am I too old or young to see a chiropractor?  There is no age limit for chiropractic care, because it is similar to other forms of living a healthy lifestyle.  Because chiropractic care allows the human body to function properly, everyone can benefit from care! The youngest patients Dr. Bob sees are 1 or 2 days old, because the birthing process causes spinal misalignments. The oldest patient he has adjusted was 99 years young for wellness care. The care received at Active Life Chiropractic is customized for each patient. For example, a newborn, a 10 year old, a 40 year old and a 90 year old have completely different chiropractic adjustments.

Question #7  How does the alignment hold once the adjustment is performed?  The human body has an ability to know where your body is positioned at all times.  This is why you can change your position when you walk up or down a hill without having to stop and think about it.  Adjustments are similar as the body adapts to the new position of the spine as you leave our office following a treatment.  Some patients require specific strengthening/stretching to reprogram muscle memory that might not adapt with chiropractic adjustments alone.  Dr. Bob recommends and strongly encourages specific strengthening/stretches to supplement the chiropractic care received at Active Life Chiropractic.  

Question #8 Do chiropractic adjustments hurt? The worst side effect that our patients notice is muscle soreness following an adjustment. This can be compared to the exercise soreness which symbolizes progress and only affects around 10% of our patient base.  

If you are looking for a Ballantyne chiropractor, keep in mind that not everyone requires hands-on manual adjustments. Dr. Bob specializes in 5 techniques including Palmer, Activator, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Pediatric Chiropractic and the Webster Technique. Dr. Bob’s initial examination determines which technique is the best one for you and if you need a low force adjustment from an instrument like The Activator or manual Palmer adjustments. 

Check out our blog to learn more about Active Life Chiropractic in Ballantyne of schedule an appointment here!