The Best Positions for Great Sleep

Posted on October 8, 2018

Sleeping positions vary based on many different factors.  The type and age of a mattress, previous injuries and health problems affects their quality of sleep.  Sleeping positions can be divided into 2 different categories and this article will explore the best positions for a great sleep.


Sleep Position #1-Best for low back pain and hip pain including radiating hip pain. If your doctor has diagnosed you with piriformis syndrome the best position is to lay on your back—Lay with a pillow under your knees and a circular object (such as a rolled up towel) under your low back for support.  Click here for stretches that help alleviate piriformis syndrome. 



Sleep Position #2- Best for chronic back pain—Due to a slipped disc, spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis, the best way to sleep is on your side with a pillow in between your knees.  Make sure your spine is parallel to the floor and not curving or tilted.  




Sleep Position #3-Never sleep on your stomach as it creates torsion forces within your neck/upper back.




Which pillow is best?

The average adult sleeps 8 hours/night so it is imperative that your pillow supports the alignment of your neck, shoulders and upper back.  The type of pillow is always based on personal preferences, but the most important aspect is to make sure your supports your neck alignment according to the picture below.  




Is a soft or firm mattress better?

Neither! It is better for your spine if you turn occasionally at night.  Choosing a mattress that is too soft may restrict your movement.  A firm mattress may not support your spine.  Choose a medium mattress with a trial period to see if you like it.

What about your spinal alignment?

Sometimes the alignment of your spine affects sleep habits.  If you struggle with sleep because of back pain, neck pain or stiffness, try seeing a Charlotte chiropractor to have your spine’s alignment evaluated.  Dr. Bob Mason, voted one of Charlotte’s best Chiropractors, seeks to determine the root cause of symptoms rather than masking symptoms with ongoing treatments that provide temporary relief.

Many patients find it easier to get comfortable at night following chiropractic care at Active Life Chiropractic.  Chiropractic adjustments balance the nervous system, and it is common for patients to notice a deeper sleep at night and more energy the next day following a chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Bob.  

Child not sleeping?

Many parents bring their children to Active Life Chiropractic if they are having trouble sleeping or suffer from colic. In these cases, cranio-sacral therapy (CST) is the most common technique used.

If you or your child is having trouble sleeping or has back pain, neck pain or stiffness, call 980.406.3862 to schedule an appointment to determine if we can help!