Tension Headache Relief Treatments

Posted on July 19, 2018

Tension headaches along with tension headache relief treatments are common in the United States and affect more than 3 million people.  While a tension headache can be felt as a dull pain that can be described as a headband that is too tight, symptoms also include pain and tenderness of your neck, shoulders and scalp.  

Causes of Tension Headaches

There are many causes of tension headaches including stress, injuries, such as an auto accident, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, postural problems and straining due to vision problems.  

Tension Headache Relief Treatments

Most tension headache doctors treat headaches based on the type: either episodic or chronic.  Because episodic tension headaches last 30 minutes to a week, treatments usually include:

  1. chiropractic care
  2. ice 
  3. aerobic exercise that improves blood flow 
  4. stress management 
  5. relaxation techniques such as meditation 
  6. deep breathing 
  7. acupuncture 
  8. yoga

Chronic tension headaches last more than 15 days per month and are usually treated with similar treatments but usually require a combination of the above listed treatments. 

Research has shown that chiropractic care for tension headaches works great for both immediate and longer lasting results.  While not all headaches can be eliminated permanently, many can be decreased in severity and frequency.  

Chiropractic Adjustment Benefit

The benefits of Chiropractic adjustments include an increase in neck mobility, an increase in blood flow to the spine and brain, softening taut muscle fibers and an decrease in nerve pressure.

Some chiropractors in Charlotte, such as Dr. Bob Mason at Active Life Chiropractic, use a variety of protocols based on the severity, presentation and frequency of tension headaches.  The headache relief protocols are based on various chiropractic adjustment techniques well as at home instructions.  His patients usually begin to see headache relief within a couple days of their first treatment.

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